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Date: November 8, 2010  Time: 10:25 pm

Name: Stella Hull (Nisbett)  Email Address:

Subject: Finding Scottish Relations

Looking for info on Robert Nisbet(tt) born 1879, Duntocher (Glasgow) married Elizabeth Stirling McLelland Stranraer, 8/6/1906 at Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Glasgow. Migrated to Australia abt. 1912 with 2 children. Anything to help would be appreciated. Thanks. Stella.

Date: November 8, 2010  Time: 8:37 am

Name: Maryann Nesbitt Tricase  Email Address:

Subject: Nesbitt

My first visit. Enjoyed it. Was interesting to see similar given names of those in my immediate family. I visited the "Nesbitt Plantation" in Greenville, South Carolina.

Date: September 28, 2010  Time: 7:39 pm

Name: Don Grant  Email Address:

Subject: Joseph Nisbet

I'm hoping someone can help me with my search for Nisbet ancesters going back to Ireland. My mother was a Nisbet. I've traced her back to John Nisbet, born around 1824 in County Monaghan in Ireland. John lived and died in Scotland and was married to Margaret Bailiff (another mystery!) John's father was Joseph, who was obviously in County Monaghan at some stage. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

Date: August 31, 2010  Time: 12:29 am

Name: Garth Moran  Email Address:

Subject: Nisbet Link

Mum is Cynthia Nisbet, daughter of James Nisbet of Kaikohe, New Zealand.

Date: August 27, 2010  Time: 1:30 am

Name: Matthew Lee Nisbet  Email Address:

Subject: interested in putting together my family tree

I have been told that I am a descendant of John Nisbet who came to Oklahoma from Scotland. I think he and his brothers came over together and he ended up in Texas. For some reason they split up, or at least he did. Trying to find out why and where the others went. Would like to find my distant relatives. Seems impossible though. I live in Waco,Tx, my great grandpa was Marvin Nisbet, grandpa was Lee Oran Nisbet, and my father is Alan Nisbet.

Date: July 6, 2010  Time: 7:59 am

Name: Carolyn Richards  Email Address:

Subject: Dr. JD Nisbet or Nesbitt

I am trying to find the names of my greatgrands on my mother's side. My grandmothers name was Minnie Lee Nesbitt. She was born in SC, USA around 1896 & died in Greenville, SC in 1972.I think she had 2 brothers, Dr. Charles Nesbitt. He graduated from Wofford College & became a professor there.What is confusing is that I have an envelope dating 1914 to a Dr. JD Nisbet.I know they are related. The letter was from Davidson College in NC & mailed to JD in New York. I do not know if the college was in error sp his last name or if they were correct and somehow these 2 possibly brothers had a diff sp of their last name.I also know that my mother was related to a Blanche Nesbitt Davis.According to a 1920 census Blanche was living with Charlie &his wife and I think it might have been his niece by the ages of everyone.If this sounds familiar to anyone, please email me. Maybe we can help each other out. Thanks!CR in TX

Date: May 18, 2010  Time: 9:37 am

Name: William Louis LeConte  Email Address:

Subject: Dr. James Nisbet and Penelope Cooper Nisbet

May 17, 2010
I just visited Oconee Hill Cemetery in Athens Ga and the burial sites of Dr. James Nisbet and his wife Penelope Cooper Nisbet. They are my ggggrandparents.

My gggrandfather William LeConte married their daughter Sarah Angelina Nisbet (my ggggrandmother)

The stones from the 1830's are hard to read.

Date: April 18, 2010  Time: 9:49 pm

Name: sienna nisbet  Email Address:

Subject: ?

Hi my name is sienna nisbet. ever since my dad showed me a book about some Nisbet Castle, i have always been intrested in my families history. i dont know if the Nisbet Castle is still out there, but if you be able to give me some more information on my history that would be great. what was our family in the medieval times? i always look on the computer to find out more about my blood line, but i just cant find what im looking for. if you could just give me some more info that would be great! thanks.

- sienna e. nisbet

Date: March 25, 2010  Time: 7:13 pm

Name: Debbi Lachman Dayton  Email Address:

Subject: Maude Nisbet and Family

My grandmother Maude (from Scotland) married Abram/Abraham L Lachman (from Russia). They met in Lake Forest, Illinois and settled in Northern California. Her parents are William Reid Nisbet and Mary Jane Gordon. Siblings are Margaret, Alex and Ethel. Any cousins out there?
Thank you

Date: March 21, 2010  Time: 11:11 am

Name:  Rickrode  Email Address:

Subject: Girl in the Red Velvet Swing painting

Any information on painting purchased at an auction in Hershey or Lancaster area in the late 1950's. It is refered to as "Girl in the Red Velvet Swing" in appraisal document from York. Pa in 1970's. It is in pastel, about 23" (round). Beautiful young girl with wide brimmed hat, long strawberry blonde hair in what I call ringlet ( tubular ?) curls hanging over her shoulders and chest. Signed "Nesb_t", w/o date. My father Wm C RICKRODE bought it at an estate auction; in 1957 +/-. It was listed in the auction as "Girl in Red Velvet Swing". My father was speaking to someone from the auction house about it and I remember hearing about the paiting belonging a family member of the eatate.
Mainly interested in history, previous ownership, name of artist........

Date: February 25, 2010  Time: 12:45 am

Name: Gayle Child-de Brocas  Email Address:

Subject: James Nisbet - Tyrone

Am descended from James (Joseph) Nisbet, 1837 married Margaret Elder, Lanarkshire, Scotland, who notes his parents as JAMES NISBET/Matilda Hamilton, Tyrone Ireland. Please note my new email since I last visited in 2001

Date: February 14, 2010  Time: 3:56 pm

Name: Doris Campbell  Email Address:

Subject: Frances Nesbitt (m) James Wachob, she (d) Huntingdon co., PA

I am trying to find information about my 4th great grandmother Frances Nesbitt who married James Wachob I believe in Ireland Abt. 1773. Frances Nesbitt Wachob died in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania > 1829.

Date: January 17, 2010  Time: 7:44 pm

Name: Paul Nisbet Pfrimmer  Email Address:

Subject: Gold Pocket Watch

It is my 45th birthday today and my mom Nancy Pfrimmer (Nisbet) presented me with a gold pocket watch witch was left to me by my late grandfather James Nisbet. It was given to him by his father, teh late Rev. James Nisbet (Founder of Prince Albert Sask.)The insciption on the inside of this watch reads,"presented to Mr Thomas Nisbet by the workmen in Mr. Ed Mistons employment and a few personal friends as a testimony of their approbation of his private worth and his abilities as a tradesman. Glasgow 13th December 1847.
I was wondering if anyone had any more information reguarding the history of this watch. You can contact me via email or by calling me at 204-941-9150
Thanks Paul Nisbet Pfrimmer

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