Boar's Head

Nisbets in Canada

Boar's head


Famous Nisbets in Canada:
Thomas Nisbet, New Brunswick Cabinetmaker:
  • Thomas Nisbet of Saint John, New Brunswick, exhibited superior ability as a cabinetmaker, and the quality of his work is equal to that of any made on the continent during the period.
Nisbets by Province:
  • Drew Nisbet pays tribute to his paternal grandfather, Andrew Findlay Nisbet, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Black Watch Regiment during World War I. AFN was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and following the war emigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Drew also has developed a Java program that interactively displays his ancestry and notes pertaining to the research he has conducted in the pursuit of his family history (requires that your browser support and be configured to execute Java).

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