Boar's Head

Plan of Greyfriars Burying-Ground

Boar's head


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Special Tombs, Stones, and Places of Interment
mentioned in the Text.

[The numbers after some are those which have been identified and marked on the Plan.]

Aikenhead stone. M`Kel stone.
Balenton tomb (20). M`Kenzie tomb (34).
Bayne tomb. See Pitcarlie. M`King's tomb.
Bel stone. Maule tomb (10).
Bernsknow. Miller tomb.
Bernsknow east end. Mill's or Milne tomb (36).
Bethune tomb (3). Mein (Min) stone.
Borthwick tomb (37). Morison tomb (6).
Brae foot. Morton stone (17).
Brae head. Mouse wall (Meuse wall).
Brown's house. Murraytomb (11). See also Skirling.
Brown tomb. Naismith tomb (4).
Byre's tomb (24). New wall.
Calderhall tomb. See Henderson. New wall gate.
Causeway side. Nisbet tomb.
Chambers tomb (28). North alow.
Charteris tomb. North door.
Cheislie tomb (30). Old thorn.
Dennieston tomb (2). Oswald tomb (31).
Dobie tomb. Pitcairn tomb (15).
Douglas tomb (18). Pitcarlie (Bayne) tomb (14).
Drummond tomb (23). Primrose tomb (25).
East end kirk. Rae tomb (8).
Easter gate. Ridhouse (Laing) tomb (5).
Easter tombs. Road head.
East side road. Road foot.
East south door. Robison tomb.
East steps head. Sherp's tomb.
Edward tomb. Skene stone.
Ellies stone. Skirling (Murray) tomb.
Enterkin tomb (29). Suttie tomb (7).
Fowlis tomb (21). South alow.
Galloway tomb. See Todhaugh. South-east end kirk.
Gray stone. South side alow.
Gray stone east. South side kirk.
Hall stone (13). Steps foot.
Harlaw tomb (1). Steps head.
Hay tomb and ground. Swinton of Mersington stone.
Henderson (Calderhall) tomb (22). Tod tomb (27).
Henderson's (Alexander) tomb (32). Todhaugh (Galloway) tomb.
Heriot tomb (9). Trotter tomb (16).
Heriot gate, or Heriot's work gate. Wall side.
Jackson tomb (26). Wartlaw tomb.
Kelloch or Kinlock tomb (19). Weighhouse (Wieowes, Wiwes).
Kincaid tomb (33). West end alow.
Laing tomb. See Ridhouse. West end kirk.
Lamb burial place. Wester gate.
Lauder tomb. West laigh.
Liberton tomb (35). West side causeway.
M`Culloch tomb (12). Whitelaw tomb.
M`Farlane house. Wright's (Master) tomb.