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Welcome to the latest addition to the Nisbet web site!

We're excited!

We're pretty excited about our most recent undertaking, and we hope that you will be, too!

The intent of the Nisbet Records Database is to collect official source references pertaining to Nisbet life events (e.g. Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths), assemble them in a central location, and provide a means of searching these records over the Internet.

We've begun by implementing a database containing Scottish death records, and will soon expand the scope of our endeavour to include Scottish marriage records. Eventually we intend to establish databases for other events and other countries, e.g. Ireland, England, the US, Canada, etc.

Our initial offering of Scottish death records is by no means comprehensive - it is based on the results of personal research in our quest to discover as much information as possible regarding our Nisbet ancestors.

This is where you can help. The value of the database will be directly related to the number and reliability of the records it contains. We encourage you to send us any references to official records (pertaining directly to Nisbets) that you may have uncovered in the course of your research. Sources such as parish registers, government indices, LDS film numbers, headstone inscriptions, etc. are the types of references that we are interested in collecting. While your great-aunt Melba's slightly hazy recollection of the date of 3rd-cousin Bertie's second marriage (or was it 2nd-cousin Gertie's third marriage?) may be of great interest to members of your immediate family, it doesn't provide a very reliable foundation for the research being conducted by others.

You can submit suitable references to us by sending an email to the webmaster. Before submitting a reference for inclusion in a particular database please go to the appropriate search page, perform a basic search, and examine the fields that are displayed as a result - this will help you to identify the type of information that we are looking for.

Please help us build what has the potential to become an invaluable resource for those pursuing their Nisbet family history and heritage!

Search tips:
  • In searching, please remember spelling variations - entries were typed as shown on the record, so Elizabeth can be spelled Elisabeth, Catherine can be Catharine, etc.
  • Surnames are notorious for variations in spelling, so it is probably best not to rely on them when searching and instead specify other information to identify who you are looking for.
  • While the search forms don't provide the ability to use wildcards in the search fields, you can search for parts of names or words. For example you can specify "cath" in a Given Name field and any records containing "Cathy", "Catherine" or "Catharine" will be returned (but not "Katherine").
  • The search engine is case insensitive - i.e. it doesn't distinguish between "John", "john" or "JOHN" - the same results will be returned for each search value.
  • If you don't find the individual you're looking for please check back periodically as the database will (with the assistance of contributors) continue to grow.

  • Death records - Scottish death records are an excellent source of information as they give the parents' names (not so for English death registrations) and the parish name, number and registration number, which are a great help when ordering copies from Scotland.  Records for the years 1855-75, 1881, 1891 are available on film from the LDS libraries.  The list includes deaths of people named Nisbet (married or maiden surname) plus children of Nisbet mothers, fairly inclusive.  Dates range from early 1800s (burial records) to mid 1900s (a few).
More to come!

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