Boar's Head

Willie Preston Nesbitt
b. June 8, 1866 - d. ?? , Greenville Co., South Carolina

Boar's head

          NESBITT, WILLIE PRESTON, was born June 8, 1866, in the lower part of Greenville county, South Carolina. His parents were Cyrus D. Nesbitt and Mary Sue Blakely. His father was a merchant and farmer, and a captain in the Confederate army. He was characterized by firmness, unvarying kindness, and good, sound common sense. While none of his ancestors of hte family in America attained to special distinction, they all possessed good business ability and high moral character.

          Willie Nesbitt was delicate in health in youth. He passed his early life in a country town, amusing himself with outdoor sports and playing with the animals. He was also taught to perform regular work as a part of his business training. This work has, in his later life, proved of great benefit to him.

          Like many others, Mr. Nesbitt owes much to the influence, upon both his moral and spiritual life, of his mother. His reading lay in hte lines of scientific, works; at the same time he has always, from early childhood, been a diligent student of the Bible. He attended the Grove Station Academy in preparation for college, and, in 1889, he was graduated from Davidson college, North Carolina, with the degrees of A. B. and A. M. In the last years of this course he specialized in mathematics and other sciences.

          Mr. Nesbitt's choice of a profession was determined primarily by circumstances. He has alsways tried to make the most of his pooportunities. In the fall of 1889 he aided in surveying a route for a railway from Chester to Blacksburg, South Carolina. From 1890 to 1895 he was a member of the firm of Nesbitt, Trowbridge, and Company, Piedmont, South Carolina. From 1895 to the present time he has been a member of the firm of Nesbitt and Son, Cedrus, South Carolina, and from 1900 to present time he has been president and treasurer of the Fork Shoals Cotton Mill, at Fork Shoals, South Carolina.

          Since about 1892, Mr. Nesbitt has been a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church. For two years he was a trustee of Davidson College. He is, and for the past three years he has been, a trustee of Chicora College, Greenville, South Carolina. He has been influential in furthering the good roads movement, and in advancing the moral and religious education of the illiterate. He is a member of the Woodmen of the World. In politics he is a Democrat. As a relief from the ordinary duties of life he enjoys horseback riding.

          Referring to successes and failures, Mr. Nesbitt says; "I have found that patience in the face of all discouragements, and a determinatino to overcome difficulties, generally leads to success." To the young he commends honest principles, systematic methods, and regualr and temperate habits, together with general knowledge and practical training in real work.

          On August 29, 1900, he married Mary M. Grant. They have had one sone, who is now (1909) living. His address is R. F. D. No. 3, Fountain Inn, Greenville, South Carolina.

Note: This is from a biographical book circa. 1909 ~ Vol. IV, SC - 15. Unfortunately, I copied it w/o getting proper bibliographic information.

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