Boar's head

Mortgage of Slaves from John Blake
to Alexander Nesbit
Charleston, SC - Misc. Records Vol 76B 1727 - 1729

Boar's head

TO ALL PEOPLE to whom these presents shall come I John Blake Junior of Berkly County in the Province of South Carolina Planter for and in Consideration of hte Sum of two hundred and Sixty Six Pounds Eighteen Shillings and Eight pence of good and Lawful Money of South Carolina to me in hand at & before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents well & Truly paid by Alexr Nisbett of Charles Towne in the said Province Merchant the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge Have Bargained and sold and by these Presents Do Bargain and Sell unto the said Alexr Nisbett all those my Three Negroes Named Robin Mingo and Grace Two Men and one Woman with her issue To have & to hold the said Bargained Premises unto the said Alexander Nisbett his Exrs Admors and assisgns forever and I the said John Blake Ju.r for my Self my Exrs & Admores the sd. Bargained premises unto the said Alexr Nisbett his Exrs admrs & assigns against all persons Shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents PROVIDED always and it is hereby agreed between the parties of these presents that If I the said John Blake Junior my Exrs or Admors do and Shall well and Truly pay or cause to be paid unto the said Alexr Nisbett his Exrs Admrs or assigns the Sum of Two Hundred and Sixty Six Pounds Eighteen Shillings and Eight Pence Curt Mondy on or before the first Day of March next ensuing the Date hereof for redemption of the said hereby Bargained premises, then this present Bill of Sale and every Clause Article and thing herein contained Shall Cease Determine and be utterly void any thing herein Contained to the Contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto Set my hand U Seal this Thirty First Day of March in the thirteenth Year of his Majs. Reign and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty Nine

John Blake Junr(s)

Sealed and Delivered and also Livery & Seizin was had and given of all the above bargained Slaves by the Delivery of one Negro Named Mingo in the Name of the whol in the Presence of us.

Hugh Campbell

Walter Nisbett

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