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Will of Alexander Nesbitt

Boar's head

South Carolina fs.
     I, Sir Alexander Nisbett of Dean Baronett for the love and Fervour I have and bear to my loving wife Dame Mary Nisbett and my two younger sons John & Alexander Nisbett, I make this Codicil or addition & alteration in my last bond of Provision signed and executed by me the thirteenth day of October one thousand seven hundred and forty nine a few days before I left North Britain which in all other respects is to remain in full force and virtue. To my loving wife Dame Mary Nisbett upon the death of Dame Ann Myrton Relict of the late Sir John Nisbett the Jointure House and Garden that she now and is to enjoy during Life with the addition of the Park to the Westward during the time of her widowhood or whilst she remains unmarried and no longer - To my second son John Nisbett I give and bequeath forever one half of all my langds and negroes in South Carolina upon his giving up all his Right and Interest to the five hundred pounds ST with the Interest given and bequeathed in my bond of Provision above mentioned. To Alexander Nisbett my third son I give and bequeath the other half of my lands and negroes in the said Province to be equally divided betwixt them and upon the death of either of them before attaining to the years of twenty one or before Marriage his part to be divided betwixt the survivors. For their Maintenance and Education until the sixteen when each is to take possession of their share or part they are to be allowed Thirty Pounds Sterl. each Pr. Annum out of the produce of my Plantation until fifteen years of age and for the last year an addition of Thirty pounds Sterling to equip them for their voyage to South Carolina. If by auident of War or other ways that regular remittance cannot be made from South Carolina or that they or either of them should decline to go and live in South Carolina in that Event they are to be educated out of the Rent of the Dean at the rate of Twenty five ounds sterl. pr. annum to be repaid to their Eldest Brother Henry Nisbett when they attain to the age of Twenty one. If they or either of them should decline going to live in south Carolina I give and bequeath him or them Five hundred pounds Sterling out of the Estate of Dean he or they accepting of the said Sum is to give up all Right Title or Interest to any Lands or negroes now given or intended to be given by this additional bond of Provision, to their eldest Brother when my two younger Sons John and Alexander Nisbett should be sufficiently educated for being bound an apprentice or putting themselves into the way businefs in Europe thether than go to South Carolina upon their declaring to their lawfull Tutores and Curartores that they are willing to Relinquish all their Right to the lands and negroes in South Carolina and Chooses to accept of the five hundred Pounds left each of them in consideration thereof I do declare that the said Tutores and Currartores should have full power to call for, or uplift and take any Sum not Exceeding three hundred Pounds Sterling for him to be so settled and the like sum for the younger and the remaining two hundred pounds belongin to each of them to continue upon hte Estate of Dean untill they are twenty one years of age and in the Event of Death of either of them the two hundred pounds to remain with the elder Brother and lastly after paying my Just debts and funeral Expenses which I desire may be decent and not expensive the remaining part of my Real and Personal Estate in Britain or elsewhere with the Produce of my Plantation after discounting the Expense of educating John & Alexander Nisbett as aforesaid I give and bequath to my eldest Son Henry Nisbett untill his Brothers arrive at the years of Sixteen when they are to take pofsefsion or give up their Right and Title as aforesaid And for the executing my affairs in South Carolina I appoint my loving Wife Dame Mary Nisbett Mr. George Seaman Merchang and mr. Robert Hume Planter in South Carolina reserving always to my self full power and Authority at any time in my life to alter, Revoke Restrick or Annull this present Bond of Provision by a formal writing under my hand if the same shall be found lying by me or in the Custody of any Person I shall think fit to Interest the same, In witnefs whereof I have signed sealed and delivered these Presents this 16th day of August in the year of our Lord 1754.

Signed Sealed and Delivered
in the Presence of
Thos. McMillian
John Smith

Alexr. Nisbett
This Will was proved by virtue
of a Dedimus to /James Glen Esqr.
his Excellency
Governor de. dated teh day of
Recorded from Will Book No. 1752/1756             Page No. 121
Record of Wills Charleston County, SC 1752-1756

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