Boar's Head

A Users' Guide to
Nesbitt/Nisbet Families
in Scotland pre-1855

Boar's head


A brief guide:

This series of three books and one cumulative index was compiled by Andrew Nisbet, using the computerised version of Scotland's Old Parish Registers. By combining data on marriages and births, Andrew has been able to group these into families (i.e. two parents and their children). Thus, in the books you will find the marriage date, place and names of a couple, followed by the dates and places of birth or christening of their children.

By combining this with other information, and using naming patterns, these families can be combined to make a family tree.


This is not a comprehensive index to all births and marriages in Scotland. You are strongly advised to check names in the computerised version of the Old Parish Registers, available on CD-ROM at all Mormon (Church of Latter Day Saints) Family History Centres. All information in these books or in the OPR CD-ROM should always be checked against the original parish registers, easily available on microfiche.

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